• Emma Green

How to transition from tracking to intuitive eating

I find that people are often keen to transition away from tracking to a more intuitive approach but are struggling with trusting themselves. Here are 3 strategies to help make the transition easier:⠀ 1. Eyeball your foods: Try eyeballing foods, instead of weighing them out on a food scale. Depending on how comfortable you feel, this could be using teaspoons/ cups etc or just doing it by looking at the food. Try to pay attention to hunger cues, rather than going by how much you think you 'should' eat. Over time, you'll become more confident with this and will eventually feel able to make choices about what to eat without needing to eyeball it. 2. Track at the end of the day: If you don't feel ready to delete your tracking app right away, try making a mental note of what you are eating during the day and then tot it up once you're done eating for the day. The amount is likely to be slightly different each day, which is totally normal. If you do this a few times, you should find yourself feeling more capable of making food decisions without having to double check them later on. 3. Have a weekly untracked meal: If you've been tracking for a while, a whole day of intuitive eating can seem really overwhelming. Trying having a weekly untracked meal each week, either in a restaurant or at home to start getting into the habit of making choices intuitively. As it's only one meal, it's no big deal if you over eat, this is all a learning experience where you find out what makes you feel the best, mentally and physically.

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