• Emma Green

How to spot a fad diet

Fad diets come in all different forms and can be hard to spot, especially when they are portrayed as being scientific. It’s easy to fall into the trap of following these diets, particularly if ‘experts’, influencers or even our friends are following them. Here are 3 signs something is a fad diet:⠀ .⠀ 1. Has rigid rules: Avoid any diet that has black and white rules about specific foods or food types that you can and cannot eat. We all need a balance of all food groups to be healthy, physically and mentally. Although we can survive on extreme diets, we are likely to have a number of nutrient deficiencies, low energy and digestive issues. Aim for thriving, not surviving. 2. Promises a quick fix: Run away from any diet that promises you can make a quick transformation. Our bodies don’t change over the course of a few days and diets that suggest otherwise are a red flag. Homeostasis is a process that allows our bodies to stay where they are healthy and is very responsive to external changes (especially those like dieting which are seen as a threat). 3. Tries to trick your body: You can’t trick your body (despite what ‘biohackers’ might claim). Our bodies have fixed biological processes that take place and these cannot be altered by specific foods or supplements. Despite the negative feelings you might have towards your body, it is doing it’s best to keep you alive and I think that’s pretty awesome.

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