• Emma Green

How to set fitness goals that make you feel good

We all want different things from fitness and that should be celebrated. Here is how to make goals that work for you: ⠀ ⠀ 1. Identify what is important to you. It is so important to identify what you really want, not what you think you should want. Maybe this is to feel good mentally or feel strong physically, whatever the reason, make sure it’s clear to you and own it.

2. Let go of what doesn’t matter: Once you’ve identified what is important, you need to let go of trying to control things that don’t matter. For example, if your primary goal is getting stronger, you don’t need to be aiming to hit strict macro targets or worrying about day to day changes in your body.

3. Be kind to yourself: It is so important to develop self-acceptance and self-compassion when trying to achieve your fitness goals. Your body isn’t a machine so won’t always respond exactly as you want it to. This is fine, the key thing is to be okay with where you’re at today and trust that you will continue to progress at your own pace.

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