• Emma Green

How to reward yourself without food

It's totally fine if food is sometimes involved in that celebration. Food is so much more than fuel, it is to be enjoyed! However, it is good to have a range of tools to treat yourself, rather than only using food so that you have lots of options. This is something I work on with my clients because I want them to not only acknowledge their wins but also celebrate them in a way that keeps them happy and healthy. Here are 3 non-food ways to reward yourself:⠀ 1. Buy a new outfit: This might seem superficial but buying new clothes can be a great way to treat yourself. If you’re celebrating a fitness goal you could buy something to workout in, which can help keep up momentum with your training. Make sure it's something that you feel comfortable in, whatever that means for you. 2. Have a pamper session: It is so important to make time to chill out and having a proper pamper session can be a really relaxing way of rewarding yourself. This doesn't have to be the stereotypical bath, face mask and relaxing music if that's not your thing. It can be anything that allows you to unwind and destress. 3. Plan a fun activity: Another way of rewarding yourself is by doing a fun activity, something you've always wanted to try but have kept putting off. This could be visiting a new place, trying a new type of exercise, going to the cinema, whatever sounds good to you. Ideally plan this in advance so you have something to look forward to.

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