• Emma Green

How to pursue health without dieting

A lot of my clients want to seek health without focusing on weight loss but they don’t know where to start. What I like to emphasise is that sometimes pursuing health isn’t accessible and that’s totally okay. It takes time, energy and resources, which you may not have at your disposal. If you are able and wanting to engage in health-promoting behaviours, here is what I’d recommend: 🌟Define what health means to you. This is something I’ve often asked my clients to do and I’ve seen some amazing colourful notes, diagrams and mind maps. The definition will act as an anchor and will be a reminder that health does not mean weight loss. 🌟Decide what behaviours feel most accessible to you right now. Maybe that’s going for a walk around your local area, buying some different fruit and vegetables when you go shopping or including some meditation or yoga into your weekly routine. 🌟Check in to see how you feel, mentally and physically. If something isn’t serving you, modify or ditch it. There is no one way to ‘do health.’ Embrace trial and error, it’s such a valuable process.

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