• Emma Green

How to know if you're eating enough

The vast majority of clients that come to me are not eating enough and thus aren't feeling great, mentally or physically. As you probably know, I'm not a big fan of tracking calories or macros over the long term. I would rather people are empowered to make decisions about food based on feedback from their own bodies, rather than external sources. This doesn't just mean considering hunger and fullness. There is a lot more to intuitive eating and it's not an easy skill to develop. However, I think it's hugely valuable to put in the work so that you can apply it throughout your life. Your energy needs change over time based on your lifestyle, training, body composition etc so it's useful to be able to troubleshoot your food intake so that you can make adjustments when needed. These variables are all things that you can bear in mind to help ascertain whether you are eating enough. To be clear, they aren't comprehensive but they will tell you a lot more information about your energy needs that a random number from a calorie calculator or your fitness tracker.

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