• Emma Green

How to honour your feelings without food

This is the 7th principle of intuitive eating, as covered in the book by the same name by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. This is about finding non-food ways to manage our emotions. To be clear there is nothing wrong with eating emotionally sometimes, it’s fun to celebrate with a cake on a birthday or cheer ourselves up with some chocolate when we’re feeling a bit down. What is important is that we have a range of tools to deal with our emotions. This might include a pamper session, whatever that looks like for you. It might mean the traditional bath and face mask or something totally different. Whatever feels nourishing for you. Make sure you also schedule time for fun. It’a hugely valuable but so underrated. Look at activities that you can get involved in within your local area, there might be something you already love or maybe something you’ve always wanted to try. Don’t be afraid to go in your own, you’ll meet lots of new like-minded people there. Also ensure that you set aside time for chilling out. Society can make you feel that you need to be constantly doing something but that just isn’t healthy, that’s a recipe for burnout. Rest matters. Schedule time to relax otherwise it won’t happen. It will make such a difference to how you feel, mentally and physically.

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