• Emma Green

How to handle the holidays

So it's the time of year when we start seeing articles about 'little black dress dieting', 'how to stay on track during the holidays', 'how to avoid gaining weight at Christmas’ etc and I'm not a fan. 😒⠀ .⠀ Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holidays are to be enjoyed, not a source of stress, anxiety and guilt. What you do for a few days of the year makes no difference in the grand scheme of things. As I get older I realise just how precious our time is and I don't want that time wasted worrying about s**t that doesn't matter. I know it's morbid but you won't give a f**k what you ate or didn't eat during the holidays on your deathbed. Eat what you want, enjoy the time with friends or family and move on! The memories you make are so much more precious than what and how much you are. Give yourself permission to go with the flow and you'll find out that everything turns out okay.

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