• Emma Green

How to handle a crappy workout

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

We can maximise our chances of having a good training session (adequate nutrition , hydration, good sleep and managing stress) but this doesn’t guarantee it will happen. The human body is very complex and can often be unpredictable. This means even if we’ve done everything ‘right’, we can still have a crappy session from time to time.

This used to really stress me out, I’d overanalyse every detail before and during the workout and would beat myself up about it for the whole day.

Now I take a different approach. I do what I can to optimise my training but don’t stress about it. If I have a bad workout, I will consider if there’s a lesson I can learn from it to do better in the future but even more importantly, I move on quickly.

This saves a lot of energy and prevents me from having a bad day just because I’ve had a bad workout.

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