• Emma Green

How to feel awesome about your body

Anyone can suffer with body issues, regardless of body type, body size or gender. There is no quick fix to improving body image but there are some things that can be helpful. This doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly love your body 24/7 but it does mean you can feel better in your own skin more often. Here are 3 strategies to help:⠀ 1. Find a fun way to move your body: This isn’t about trying to change it. Being active can boost our mood more generally as well as helping us appreciate what our bodies can do, rather than just what they look like. Throw on an outfit that makes you feel good, find an activity you enjoy and get moving.

2. Stop negative body talk: The language we use isn't just a reflection of our thoughts, it actually constructs and reinforces them. Work on reducing the amount of negative body talk that you do internally as well as with others. If other people are engaging in this around you, don't be afraid to call it out, change the topic or leave the conversation.

3. Curate your social media feed: Unfollow (or at least mute) people who don't make you feel good about your body. We can't completely control our environment but we can curate our social media feeds so that they help us feel better about ourselves, rather than worse. It's important to be really honest about what does negatively affect you and take action. You can always re-engage at a later date.

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