• Emma Green

How to exercise for fun

Exercise—Feel the Difference is the 9th principle of intuitive eating as outlined in the book of the same name by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. This is about exercising for fun, rather than as an attempt to change your body.⠀ Exercising for fun isn’t always easy. You might have a history of difficult experiences with exercise, have some body shame or beliefs about yourself that are holding you back. However, I believe that everyone can find a way to move that is fun, even if it takes a lot of trial and error.⠀ ⠀ There isn’t one way to do fitness. Maybe you enjoy the gym, maybe yoga is your jam or maybe you love dancing. Or maybe you haven’t found that you like yet, that’s okay too!⠀ If you’re trying to discover (or rediscover) an enjoyment of exercise, start by ditching the numbers. Whilst some metrics of performance might be useful in certain contexts, I don’t think they’re helpful at the start. They can get in the way of tuning into how your body wants to move. Don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s easy for all of us to get stuck in a routine but it can be really refreshing to mix it up. You might even surprise yourself with what you enjoy. This doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high cost either, look to see if there are free exercises in your area. I’ve also used the app @movegb to find affordable activities that you try as a one-off. If you’re based in the UK, give it a go!⠀ Grab a friend to go with you if you’re nervous to go alone. It can be a fun way to connect whilst getting a workout in. Don’t worry about going on your own though, you’ll meet new people there who might become your new besties!⠀

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