• Emma Green

How to ditch the diet mentality

The book Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch (where the concept was first coined) has 10 principles, which cover your relationship with food, exercise and your body. I’m going to be sharing a series of posts that go through each of these and share some ways that you can implement them. The first principle is ditching the diet mentality, which means making a commitment to stop dieting. This is because you can’t work on your relationship with food, exercise and your body whilst trying to lose weight. The cool thing is that once you go through the process, you no longer want to change your body because you’re in a happy and healthy place where you feel awesome as you are. Making an internal commitment is important but it’s also essential to change your environment to support your goal. This means getting rid of dieting tools (Myfitnesspal, Fitbits, books etc), which gives you a sense of freedom to be able to explore the principles of intuitive eating. You also need to clear out your wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit you. Although some people lose weight when they go through the process of intuitive eating, this isn’t the goal. Having clothes that don’t fit can be triggering because it reinforces the idea that your body is not okay as it is right now. It’s also just a bit of a buzzkill when you decide what to wear. Give the clothes away to friends, faintly or charity and make room for new stuff that makes you feel great. It’s also important to modify your online world to remove dieting triggers. Although it’s had to avoid them completely, it is worth unfollowing (or at least muting) anyone that doesn’t make you feel good and is promoting dieting. This includes any type of restrictive eating, including fasting, cleansing, detoxing etc, which are often promoted under the guise of health aka what Christy Harrison terms ‘the wellness diet’.

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