• Emma Green

How to ditch diet talk

The words we use matter, both those that we say out loud and the ones we tell ourselves. Being more compassionate in both instances is hard but so important. Unfortunately our current society promotes a way of talking about food, exercise and our bodies that is unkind, unhelpful and unnecessary. Here is how to ditch that talk in your daily life:⠀ 1. Examine your relationship with food: If you are talking about food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’, using the term ‘cheat’ or expressing anxiety, judgment or guilt about food, it’s time to explore your relationship with food. Think about if you really believe these things and if so, question why. There is no shame in struggling but it is important to do the work to make food something which adds to your life in a positive way, rather than being a source of stress. 2. Reconsider what you consider a compliment: We become so used to thinking that a smaller body is a better body we assume that telling someone they’ve lost weight is a compliment. In reality we have no idea if that weight loss was intentional, if they are healthy and if they feel good about their body or not. Although well intended these comments can be harmful. There are so many ways to compliment others, why not say something about their clothes, their personality or something they’ve done well? 3. Find other things to focus on: When we are heavily focused on food, exercise and what our bodies look like, this inevitably becomes something we talk about a lot. It’s so important to have other things in your life that you’re interested in. If there’s nothing you can think of, try something new. You might find a particular activity or interest that you absolutely love. When you have these different areas of your life, food, exercise and your body become a lot less important.

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