• Emma Green

How to discover the satisfaction factor

This is the 6th principle of intuitive eating, as outlined in the book of the same name by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.⠀ It’s important to remember that food is not just fuel. Food is a form of self-care and it should be enjoyable. You deserve to treat yourself and that refers to what, how and where you’re eating. Figuring out what you really want is important. Rather than trying to have the ‘healthy’ version of what you’re craving (which rarely hits the spot), try having what you actually want. You’ll find it a lot more satisfying. When you consistently allow yourself to do this, you will be much more able to eat an amount that feels good, rather than feeling compelled to eat a large amount because you have deprived yourself. It’s also helpful to make your environment chilled. This looks different for everyone but try to ensure that you feel calm and comfortable when eating. Of course, this isn’t always possible but when you can do this, it makes eating much more enjoyable and satisfying. Make sure your food tastes good. This might mean trying a few bites first and seeing what you might want to add in. When I tracked macros I always thought sauces were a ‘waste of calories’ which meant that my food was often dry and relatively tasteless. Make your food nice to eat and it will be a lot more enjoyable.

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