• Emma Green

How to deal with your unhealthy obsession with the gym

I used to be obsessive about exercise. I did a lot of running at one point (even trying to carry on once I got a stress fracture) and then used to way overdo it in the gym. I didn't actually enjoy exercising because I was always tired, injured and sore. Now, I still go to the gym regularly but have a much healthier relationship with it. Here is how to be more chill about the gym:⠀ 1. Don't push through when you're injured: When you are injured, you might need to back off a bit, train around it or rest altogether. I know that it is so tempting to push through but that always makes it worse. It can easily turn a mild injury into a chronic one, leaving you unable to train for much longer than if you took it easy. Listen to your body and seek advice from qualified professionals about how to train when you're injured. If in doubt, don't do it. 2. Don't ignore signs of fatigue: There are lots of reasons that you might be tired and it may not have anything to do with your training. However, it's important to take it easy when you are tired because you are more prone to injury. Just do the best that you can that day. If this means leaving the gym early, that's fine. Make sure to get some rest so you can come back to your next session feeling refreshed. 3. Don't worry about missing workouts: You don't gain muscle, strength, endurance or flexibility when you are working out, it's the recovery when the good stuff happens. One missed workout is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things and might make your next session even better. Life happens and sometimes the gym won't happen. That's totally fine, the gym isn't going anywhere. Nothing happens when you miss a session or two.

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