• Emma Green

How to deal with your body changing

Whether it's purposeful or not, seeing your body change is hard. You can feel like you’re losing a part of your identity and often worry about what others will think about you. This can mean you are less likely to go out and see friends because you just want to hide away. You can also engage in a lot of negative self-talk and punish yourself with restrictive dieting and/or engaging in excessive exercise that you hate.

Whether you want to change your body or not, those behaviours will not serve you. It's not easy but there are strategies that can help you to feel better. Although your feelings can naturally change over time, I think taking a proactive approach can help to accelerate the process.

I think it's also important to note that you shouldn't feel pressured to get to a place where you love your body. Although that's awesome, being able to accept your body is a huge win. There will likely be days where you do feel negative about your body and that's totally normal. The key is being mindful about how you manage days like this.

In our current society, there is a huge emphasis on the way we look. It can be really hard to shift your attention away from that and appreciate what your body can do. Sometimes your body might not be able to do the things you want it to. In times like that you need to be kind to yourself and find activities that you can do that you enjoy.

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