• Emma Green

How to be chill AF around food

Eating should be simple but so often it’s not. We nearly all have our own issues, which are exacerbated by the influx of messages telling us how, what and when to eat. Here are 3 ways to be chill around food:⠀ 1. Have a loose structure: If you like to be spontaneous with food, that’s fine but I think most people feel best having some kind of structure. This might be different on weekends vs weekdays, workout vs rest days or on holidays vs when we’re at home and that’s fine.

2. Be flexible: I firmly believe that our diets should not be rigid. This can result in us losing touch with our body’s signals about hunger, fullness and cravings. It also means that we will miss out on the opportunity to share food with friends or family at short notice.

3. Focus on the big picture: Each decision we make about food can seem like it’s ‘make or break.’ However, in the grand scheme of things, it’s just not that important. We learn from every choice we make, especially if the outcome isn’t a positive one.

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