• Emma Green

How to be body confident in summer

Summer can be hard if you are struggling with body image but there are ways to make it easier. First of all, get rid of anything in your wardrobe that doesn’t fit. You don’t need stuff hanging around that reminds you that your body was once a different size or shape. Get stuff that fits you now, buy thrifted or second hand stuff on Depop or Ebay so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Having clothes that feel good is hugely important for feeling comfortable in your body. Spending time with others can also make a big difference. You’ll realise that the people who care about you don’t give a shit what your body looks like, they want to spend time with you because you’re an amazing person. Being around others is a great reminder of the diversity of humans too. The media portrays a very narrow range of bodies so it’s hugely important to counter the idea that everyone does, or should, look the same. ⠀ When the weather is warmer, it is also a great time to try new activities. Being active doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym, there are so many other ways to move your body. New activities don’t have to mean working out. Of course, exercise isn’t always possible, for a variety of reasons, and that’s totally okay. Anything that makes you feel good is worth spending time on. You deserve that.

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