• Emma Green

How intuitive eating changed my life

Yesterday was a perfect demonstration of the role that food plays in my life: as fuel, as a way to enjoy myself and as a way to connect with others.

Myself and my boyfriendheaded out for a mid morning brekkie at the lovely Smashing Kitchen. I had pancakes, which if you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know is a firm favourite of mine.

Later on in the day we headed up for more yummy food at Wulf and Lamb where I had a delish taco salad followed by a chocolate brownie and ice cream. To be clear this wasn’t all I ate yesterday but these were definitely the best bits!

Because of my history with an eating disorder, I am hugely appreciative of my relationship with food today. I feel so lucky to be able to eat the foods I enjoy without anxiety, guilt or judgment. I love being able to share meals with others and be truly present rather than have my mind elsewhere making calculations about calories, planning my exercise routine or worrying about how the food might affect my body. In many ways I’m grateful for my past experiences because they’ve made me so passionate about calling out diet culture and helping people find peace with food, exercise and their bodies. There’s a concept in the research literature called positive growth, which is the idea of getting something beneficial out of a negative experience. I don’t think it’s always helpful to think of that when you’re in the midst of going through something tough but it is hugely gratifying to be able to look back and see what you’ve been able to learn, do or say differently as a result.

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