• Emma Green

How a hot chocolate can change your life

One of my favourite parts of the week is Saturday when I go to a dance class. This past Saturday I was chatting with someone before the class started and she mentioned that she was currently drinking a hot chocolate every day.

We then got to talking about how much it she enjoyed it and that she didn’t worry about the impact on her body. It wasn’t that she was unaware that it contained calories, on the contrary she had made a conscious decision that it was worth it to her and I love that.

With the continual messages like how awful it is to ‘drink your calories’ in the fitness industry, it can be hard to decide you want to do something different in your own life. The woman described her approach as ‘a bit out there,’ which I think perfectly demonstrates how prevalent these ideas are. It can seem like everyone is on a diet and that you should be too.

You have the right to eat and drink whatever you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can decide to have the ‘healthy’ option or not, neither is better, they are just choices. Health has nothing to do with morality.

What I would say is to be mindful about how much time and energy you spend worrying about food and your body. Think about what you could do with that if you directed it elsewhere. Your life stays small when you’re stuck in that place of obsession and you deserve more.

To be clear, getting out of this mindset is not an overnight transformation. It’s a slow process over time. It might take months or even years to get to a place where this stuff is genuinely just one piece of the pie. However, it is so worth putting in the time because it will pay off.

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