• Emma Green

Helping others in the gym

Today after my HIIT class a girl who was new said to me ‘Can I just ask you a question, did you find that class really hard when you first did it?’ My answer was yes and that it still kicks my ass! We then proceeded to have a chat about how you get used to some aspects of the class like the exercises you’re likely to do, the vibes of different instructors and that the pace of the class becomes less confusing and overwhelming. She wasn’t sure if she enjoyed it so I recommended that she give it another go on another day with another instructor. I don’t have conversations like this often but they’re always enjoyable when I do. One of my pet hates is the cold, cliquey and competitive vibe of certain gyms and fitness studios. I’m sad to say it but in central London, where I’m based, that often feels like the norm. I get that often you just want to hit the gym, do your thing and leave but that doesn’t mean being a dick to others. Taking time out to help someone feel a little more comfortable, capable or confident will make a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the power of small actions.

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