• Emma Green

Helping others in eating disorder recovery

When I was in recovery from my eating disorder, I desperately wanted to get better but I also wanted to prevent others from struggling. I knew that until I was fully recovered I was limited in what I was going to be able to do so I thought creatively about how I could help. I was studying at the time and realised that I could participate in studies to help improve knowledge of eating disorders and how best to treat them. I volunteered for as many studies as I could. It was really interesting to find out more about what was being researched and it was so satisfying to know that I was making a difference, albeit in a small way. If you’re currently struggling, I can’t recommend enough the value of helping others. It helps to make your experiences meaningful, gives you a source of social interaction and at the very least provides a distraction from what is going on in your own head. I am in a good place today and I don’t take that for granted. I know what it is like to feel that you will never feel better, that you will always be a prisoner to your own thoughts and that fully recovered is not something within your reach. Please don’t give up hope, you are so much stronger than you think.

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