• Emma Green

Why food is not just fuel

Updated: Jan 26

Food is not just about meeting nutritional needs. It is not about just satisfying our hunger. It is so much more and that should be embraced, rather than feared. When you ditch your rules around food you allow yourself to enjoy what you really want. You don’t worry about situations where you can’t control what you’re eating. You look forward to social situations involving food rather than fearing them. You find the food that satisfies you psychologically as well as physically. The ironic thing is that when you let go of the idea of good and bad foods, you stop using the words ‘clean’ or ‘cheating’, and you ditch using the terms ‘bandwagon’ or ‘on track’, you naturally gravitate towards a balance that feels good for you. This will look different day to day, week to week and year to year. Your needs and preferences are constantly shifting and that’s totally okay. Your body is so much smarter than you realise!

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