• Emma Green

Feeling like fitness isn't for you

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

One of the themes that has come out strongly on my podcast is the idea of people feeling like fitness wasn’t for them. This is because of people’s own beliefs about themselves but also the way that fitness is represented on mainstream and social media. I sometimes feel like this as a coach. I don’t resonate with a lot of the messages in the fitness industry, particularly with regards to food. I’m also more concerned with people’s relationship with their body than the way it looks. The truth is that it’s okay to be different. You can find a way of ‘doing fitness’ that feels good for you. That might mean using the gym, it might mean running or something totally different. If it makes you happy, go for it. . As you chase what you enjoy, you’ll probably find some people that you do share things in common with along the way. Sometimes you have to be brave and do things on your own before you find others that can join you on the journey. It is scary to do but if you stick at it, it will pay off!

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