• Emma Green

Dieting vs intuitive eating

Society continually promotes the idea that dieting will make you happy. Regardless of how many times dieting hasn’t worked in the past, you have the belief that this time, things will be different. At the beginning, things feel exciting, you plan out what you are going to eat, what you will do for exercise and how your body is going to look as a result. As time goes on, dieting becomes harder, your body begins to fight back, you have no energy, mentally or physically. Inevitably, this leaves to an end to the dieting, often termed ‘falling off the wagon’, ‘going off track’ or just ‘failing’. You blame yourself even though the diet was inherently unsustainable and your body was just trying to keep you safe. When you start intuitive eating, you are ready for change. You’re fed up of dieting, of obsessing about food and exercise and for being preoccupied with how your body looks. As time goes on, you experience challenges, you realise there is a lot in your body and brain that you have ignored because of dieting. When all that comes to the surface, it can be a bit overwhelming at first but as you continue through the process, this becomes data that you can draw upon to make decisions about food and exercise, without it being stressful. It’s an empowering process and you get back in touch with your body in a way that you haven’t been able to with continual dieting. You get back the mental energy that was used up counting calories and macros to put towards other areas of your life. You no longer stop yourself doing activities that you want to do because of how your body looks. Becoming an intuitive eater isn’t easy but it is possible for everyone, regardless of your dieting history. You have to be willing to change, to trust the process and to be patient. The work will pay off.

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