• Emma Green

Diet mentality vs intuitive eating self-talk

The way you talk to yourself has a huge impact on both our emotions and your behaviour. If you are constantly speaking to yourself in a negative way, you are more likely to feel angry, guilty, anxious or stressed. ⠀ People are often so mean to themselves when they don't live up to their idea of perfection. This often occurs when you eat a food considered to be bad. It can easily become a viscous cycle where you punish yourself with exercise, restrict food and then feel so hungry and deprived that you have it again, often in a quantity that doesn’t feel good. Instead, allow yourself to eat treats when you want them. Remind yourself that these do not need to be earned or compensated for afterwards. If you practice doing this again and again, it becomes much easier to enjoy your treats and be able to move on afterwards, without feeling anxiety or guilt.

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