• Emma Green

Developing an Intuitive Eating Mindset

One of the biggest shifts when you start working towards a more intuitive eating approach isn't necessarily in the actual foods that you eat but how you approach eating in general. This isn't easy to do as often our thought patterns around food have been deeply ingrained in us over the years. However, they are possible to change over time. The first step is being mindful of them and then working to challenge them. Instead of being judgmental about the food choices we make, we can learn to be curious. Learning what foods we choose and when can be really helpful in finding out more about how we eat in response to our emotions, hunger and our environment. Rather than labeling choices as 'good' or 'bad', we can accept what they are and learn from them going forwards. It's a lot harder to get this information about our decisions when we are beating ourselves up about them.

A switch to a more intuitive approach also involves embracing moderation. This doesn't mean that everyday you eat exactly the same amount of food. Some days you might overeat, some days undereat. You might sometimes eat food when you aren't hungry because it tastes good or leave food on your plate because you are full. You aren't 'on' or 'off', you just go with the flow. One decision doesn't lead to an inevitable chain of events, instead you are mindful about what you need and when.

When you move towards intuitive eating you also learn to own your choices. Instead of feeling self-conscious about your decisions, you understand that everyone is different and should eat according to their own needs. You realize that you are the boss of your own body and that it is nobody else's business.

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