• Emma Green

Breaking the diet cycle

If you’ve been on a diet you’ll know that sense of urgency when Friday rolls around and you prepare to loosen the reigns on your eating restrictions. Over the weekend, once you start allowing yourself more food, particularly the stuff you’ve been avoiding, you find it hard to stop. You dread Sunday evening when you plan to go back ‘on plan’ and the cycle starts again. It doesn’t have to be like this. You don’t have to keep on falling off the wagon if you never get on it in the first place. Giving up dieting seems scary. You might fear you'll feel ‘out of control’ around food. You might feel as though you’re just going to keep on eating and will never be able to stop. You might think you’ll never want to eat another fruit or vegetable again. These are all very normal fears. Diet culture makes you feel that you need rules, restrictions and regimes in order to make choices about food. It makes you feel as though you can’t trust your body. It makes you feel as though ditching dieting means ‘giving up’. . The truth is that giving up dieting is freeing. It allows you to get back in touch with what feels good and what doesn’t. It allows you to eat spontaneously. It allows you to approach the weekend knowing that you can eat whatever you want without ‘making up for it’ afterwards.

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