• Emma Green

Be the boss of your own body

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

We talk about everyone being different but often fall into the trap of making judgements about our own behaviour based on that of others. I find this happens frequently with food intake, with people deciding what seems like ‘too much’ based on other people.

When we eat with others, we’re only seeing a small portion of their whole day. We don’t know how they eat the rest of that day and so we can’t judge based on one instance. Even if we did know what they ate the rest of the day, it wouldn’t help us know what we need.

Yes, height, weight and activity levels matter but even with all those being equal there can still be a huge amount of variation between individuals. This is also why you can’t assume that a particular calorie value given out by an online calculator will reflect what you need. Let your body be your own guide. If you’re struggling with this, by all means seek some outside help but be vary of a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Our bodies are not machines so we can’t expect them to behave like that way.

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