• Emma Green

Are you waiting for the perfect time?

I find with so many decisions inside and outside fitness, we wait until the ‘perfect’ time before we make a change. Although there are times when it makes sense to put goals on the back burner, it’s easy for this to become permanent. Making a change is scary, especially if there’s a significant time and financial investment involved. I remember the first time that I hired an online fitness coach I was terrified. I knew it was the right decision to get where I wanted to be but I still had a lot of nagging doubts. Even recently, these fears reared their head again when making investments into my business. I was worried that they wouldn’t pay off, I was worried that although they could work for other people, they wouldn’t work for me. The truth is sometimes we have to go for it, even if we have doubts. Those thoughts will likely always be there but we hold ourselves back if we allow them to dictate our decisions. Just like we say ‘It’s okay once you’re in’ when someone is worried about getting into a swimming pool, you have to remind yourself that it is going to be fine when you jump in. Believe in yourself, trust the process, do the work required and it will pay off.

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