• Emma Green

Are you really doing ‘flexible dieting’?

Photo credit: Kim Burrows

The term ‘flexible dieting’ is thrown around a lot on social media and refers to eating a variety of foods that are freely chosen, rather than using a meal plan or eating a diet that cuts out certain food groups. The approach is usually associated with tracking food. This is where I often see the ‘flexibility’ aspect thrown out. If you choose to track your food that’s up to you but you should be able to function without your tracking app. It’s not very flexible if you can only eat according to 3 numbers. To me, flexible dieting refers to using the right tool for the job. If you want to get on a bodybuilding stage, tracking strictly is a good idea. There is no room for error so that makes sense for your goals. If you have more general fitness goals, like gaining muscle or getting stronger, there is no reason that you have to rigidly stick to specific numbers. You should be able to eat without numbers. You should be able to enjoy a meal out without worrying about hitting your macronutrient targets exactly. You should be able to go on holiday and enjoy the food, rather than worrying about trying to quantify it. Tracking should be a tool, not a philosophy.

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