• Emma Green

3 Signs that you are undereating.

I find so many people are worried about overeating that they end up going too far the other way. This means that they aren’t getting the results they want with their fitness goals. It’s also very difficult to sustain so can often lead to periodic overeating. Here are 3 signs you’re not eating enough:⠀ 1. You’re always cold: When you’re not eating enough, your body slows down all of its processes in an attempt to preserve energy. This means that you feel colder. Of course, there are lots of other reasons you might feel cold (like the weather if you live in the uk lol) but this is a useful indicator nonetheless. 2. You have no energy: An obvious one but often gets overlooked. When you aren’t eating enough, you don’t have the same physical or mental energy. This is why people tend to consume a lot more caffeine in the form of coffee, pre workout supplements and energy drinks. Whilst none of these are a problem, if you’re relying on them to feel normal that’s a huge red flag. 3. You aren’t recovering from workouts: If you are consistently going into workouts feeling tired and/or sore, it’s a sign that something’s off. Many factors affect recovery, including sleep and stress management but if you’re not eating enough, you just aren’t giving your body the tools it needs to do its thing. Eating more can be hard, physically and mentally. Depending on the degree and length of time you’ve been in a deficit, you might want to take a stepped approach (aka reverse dieting) or take a more aggressive approach. This might also be a time you want to consider loosely tracking to get an idea of where you’re at and where you want to be.

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