• Emma Green

3 mindsets around food

There are different ways that we approach food and it is often unconscious. It's sometimes not until we try to make changes to our eating behaviour that we notice our mindset towards food. Here are 3 different mindsets we tend to have around food:⠀⠀ 1. Wanting to 'be good': Foods have been labeled 'good' or 'bad' for a long time. Unfortunately, we tend to extend this moralisation to ourselves. If we eat in a certain way, we tell ourselves we are being good and if we stray from that we label ourselves as being bad. The latter can also result in us punishing ourselves by restricting food or overexercising in an attempt to 'undo the damage'.

2. Wanting to 'look good: Another approach to food is wanting to 'look good', which often translates as wanting to lose weight. This can also be problematic, we may be too restrictive with food intake or we we may not see the changes that we want to, especially not in the time frame we want. These frustrations can lead to a ‘what the hell’ effect where we overeat food. Having an extreme version of this mindset towards food can make it really difficult to establish a healthy relationship with food over the long term.

3. Wanting to feel good: This type of mindset towards food involves lots of trial and error. We will notice that some foods we eat, in certain amounts, combinations and at certain times either feel good or don’t feel good. This involves mindfulness and trust in ourselves, both are tough skills to learn but so rewarding! It is this mindset that also allows us to pause and reflect on our food decisions, rather than act out of habit.

I’ve definitely been in all of these mindsets at one time or another. There’s definitely something to be learned from each approach, even if it doesn’t feel good at the time. I think that above all being aware of our current mindset helps with creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with food over the long term.

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