• Emma Green

3 intuitive eating myths

1. It means eating spontaneously: There is a misconception that intuitive eating means you have to 'wing it.' Whilst that might be something you enjoy doing at certain times, like weekends or holidays, mostly there will be some planning or preparation involved. The key thing is that your eating isn't rigid so if something comes up and you want to go for it, you can. 2. You have to eat everything: Just because you eat intuitively, it doesn't mean you have to eat everything. There might be certain foods you dislike, some that didn't agree with your body or some that you avoid for ethical reasons. The main idea is that this is a genuine choice, not an obligation, and is not a response to feeling anxiety, guilt or judgement.

3. It's really easy to do: Whilst the principles are simple, they are difficult to implement. We live in a society where it is very normal to be dieting, especially if you're a woman. Intuitive eating means unlearning a lot rules about what, when and how to eat, and instead tuning into our internal cues which is really hard.

To be clear, although it is hard, it is possible for everyone regardless of where you’ve come from with your relationship with food. It takes trust, work, and patience but you can do it! If you need some extra support and guidance, I might just know a coach that can help you out.

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