• Emma Green

3 intuitive eating myths

I've shared intuitive eating myths before but there’s so many! Here are 3 others: ⠀ 1. Nutrition doesn't matter: The 10th principle of intuitive eating is 'Gentle nutrition,' which means considering the health benefits of foods and ensuring we get a balance of all nutrients that we need. Intuitive eating doesn't mean only eating 'junk' because that would make you feel like shit. The ironic thing is that by allowing yourself to eat all foods, 'junk' foods become a lot less appealing than if you restrict them.

2. Results in overeating: Intuitive eating means paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues. It does not mean eating mindlessly. Although there might be some occasions where you overeat, like Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions, this is not a regular occurrence. The exceptions are where there is an emotional eating issue or when there is a long history of calorie restriction. However, in those instances, overeating would happen regardless.

3. Doesn't involve exercising: The 9th principle of intuitive eating specifically refers to exercising in a way that is fun, rather than just trying to burn calories/change your body. When you are eating enough food and a balance of all food groups, you actually have a lot more energy for exercise than if you are restricting food and/or types of foods. This might mean working out in the gym, doing yoga, running or something else entirely. It's up to you.

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