• Emma Green

3 benefits of intuitive eating

For some reason, people seem to think intuitive eating is not supported by scientific evidence. That simply isn't the case, there are a number of studies on intuitive eating in the research literature and this is growing all the time. Here are 3 of the benefits that have been documented:⠀ 1. Improved body image: Intuitive eating is associated with feeling better about your body. It is also linked with less bodychecking, exercising only to control your body and being preoccupied with your weight. It might seem counter-intuitive that not focusing on what your body looks like actually means you feel better about how it looks but that is what is seen consistently in studies and I've seen the same effect in my clients.

2. Less disordered eating: Intuitive eating is associated with a reduction in thinking about foods as 'good' and 'bad', less 'all or nothing' behaviour and fewer disordered eating behaviours. These are all a result of being less focused on trying to exert a lot of control around eating (which results in restrictive eating behaviours, usually followed by overeating or bingeing).

3. Better ability to manage emotions: Intuitive eating is associated with less depression and anxiety. It is also linked with higher self-esteem, optimism, life satisfaction, better problem-solving, feeling happier and a better ability to cope with emotions in healthy ways.

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