• Emma Green

3 benefits of intuitive eating

As you probably know, I'm a big fan of intuitive eating. I think it's a really useful way that helps you make food choices which feel good instead of being based on rules. Here are 3 benefits: ⠀ 1. More in tune with hunger levels: You can easily get out of touch with your hunger cues (especially if you have a history of restrictive dieting). Intuitive eating can help you tune into what foods you want to eat and how they make you feel during both eating and afterwards.

2. Less anxiety about food: Eating becomes so much easier to navigate when you aren’t trying to hit particular numbers. It also means you can be more spontaneous so if something comes up, you don’t have to worry about whether you can ‘fit in in.’ You can do whatever feels right for you.

3. Increased trust in your body: When you gain experience and confidence in making intuitive food choices, you find out that if food is there, you can take it or leave it. Your hunger is no longer scary or inconvenient. You also realise that your body doesn’t drastically change and instead stays around a place where you can be happy and healthy.

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