Freelance writing

I have over five years of experience as a writer for both print and online publications, focusing on health and wellbeing.


I create accessible, evidence-based and engaging content, drawing on my academic background in Health Psychology, my knowledge, and skills as a personal trainer, and my experience working with clients online.


I am particularly passionate about covering topics relating to intuitive eating, body-inclusive fitness, and feminism.


Examples of my writing:


Well and Good: Why experts say emotional eating isn’t always a ‘bad’ thing

Well and Good: Atypical anorexia is proof that eating disorders can affect anyone at any size

Creative Impact Group: The science of sleep: why it’s important and how to get more of it

Restless Magazine: Why Dieting is a Feminist Issue

Spirituality and Health: Intuitive Eating Is Not Just a Fad

Spirituality and Health: 5 Ways to Feel More Love in Your Everyday Life

Spirituality and Health: Want to Try Intuitive Eating? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Started

Huffington Post: I Dumped My Boyfriend For Being Fatphobic, Even Though I'm Thin

Tenderly: Health Is a Privilege, Not a Virtue

MoveGB: How intuitive exercise will change the way you work out forever

My rates start at £200 per 1000 words.

To enquire about my writing services, contact me via email below.

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