About me

I’m Emma, an online coach and freelance writer. I help people build a healthy relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies.


I use a non-diet and body-inclusive approach, drawing on the principles of intuitive eating.

I hate seeing all the time, money and energy that people are spending on trying to change their bodies and constantly feeling like a failure.


I hate seeing people experiencing so much anxiety, guilt and judgement about their food and exercise choices.


I hate seeing people stuck in an endless cycle of self-punishment and not knowing how to make a change.


I'm hugely passionate about this work because I lived with anorexia for more than a decade. I know what it is like to spend all day thinking about food, having an obsessive relationship with exercise and feeling completely out of touch with your body. The experience gave me a new appreciation for health and happiness, neither of which I take for granted today.


By working with me, you'll learn how to escape from the diet mentality and experience freedom from food rules, rigid fitness routines and being at war with your body. You'll develop confidence in navigating decisions about your health and wellbeing, while having fun along the way.



EMMA GREEN, PhD, Certified Personal Trainer

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